Special Post: Versatile Blogger Award!

Most honored to receive this from my beloved friend, Rachel Horwitz (@rachelhwrites), who blogs on writing, editing, and all things literary that go bump on our keyboards. Does the fact that we’ve shared many painful and joyous writing days together make it, I dunno, fake? You get to be the judge of that.

Now I need to pass this on to 15 other blogs! I don’t even follow 15 blogs. And a few of the ones I do follow have already received the award, like Honesty, and Mike_Reverb (and I’d definitely give them the award again if it didn’t annoy them). Do you see my dilemma!? I suppose for a newb at this blogging thing I’ll do like my friend Rachel (who is not as much a newb as I am, by the way) and nominate at least five bloggers. (Do I even know five??)

My main obsession is storytelling–wait, you didn’t know?–so you’ll get the gist for what the blogs I recommend/follow are about. Here are the nominees:

  • Sonia Medeiros: Sonia runs a stylish blog and her posts always stand out in my mailbox.
  • Novel Girl: Another great blog with tons of writing tips. None of her posts get “stashed for later.”
  • Sally Stephenson: Sally has given other writers the opportunity to share about their writing experience and likewise tells interesting bits about hers. She also shares my views on a lot of things in storytelling.
  • Kirkus MacGowan: Kirkus was one of the first friendly people to chat with me on Twitter, and as a result inspired me to write my first blog post, so you know I just had to nominate him. Oh, and his blog also has great tips for Indie authors.
  • Vikram Roy: Vikram posts some very interesting facts about literature and the English language that are simply informative and fun to know.

Well, that’s that. If you’re one of these wonderful people, here’s what you need to do:

  • Thank the award giver and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass this award along to 15 other bloggers.
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

If you’re not one of these people and I follow you, never fear, I still think you’re great! I just need to get to know you a little better:)

And now, 7 things (you don’t already know) about me:

1) I practice karate on a regular basis. Kya! Pssh, amateur.
2) I once spent four months training myself how to draw people, a full sketch page a day. Still learning, and forever will. Yes, even when I die. My skeleton will draw sketches in the dirt of my grave. That’s not creepy.
3) I am one of the most tenacious b*tches you will come across. Aw, ain’t that sweet?
4) There are no bounds to my loyalty. If you’re my friend or I’m your fan (or, bless you, you’re my fan for some absurd reason), all you gotta do is ask and I’ll do anything I can to help.
5) Do I really need to list 7? Okay, okay. I used to play the piano and accompany choirs. At the peak of my career I was given a ticket to be the “state accompanist.” It was more of a title, I didn’t actually get to do anything other than practice for two hours a day for two months and nearly pass out.
6) I’m an engineer. There, I said it. My degree is actually in the medical field, oddly. I don’t know what I’m doing there. Or here. I just do it. For the love.
7) My favorite thing to do is solve problems. Not so much puzzles, those have no point, but problems that will better someone else’s productivity or the resulting outcome, whether it’s a story, book, painting, process or a machine. If it can be better, I’d like to find the way. That might mean I’ll give you advice you didn’t ask for, though I’m slowly getting better at holding myself back when I can. If you do put yourself out there and tell me you’re still looking to improve, rest assured, you will hear from me.

What should you do now that you know more about me than you would have liked? Run along and follow those great blogs, of course! And don’t forget to visit Rachel and see what she recommended as well!

-The Story Addict

For more on me and my pentalogy, visit: ApocalypseExalted.com

About Story Addict

I am a story enthusiast (if you couldn't tell). Also a writer. I write teen thrillers. And a digital illustrator. I like to draw characters in action. My author's site is margaretEalexander.com and my illustrator's site is megzander.wordpress.com. You can find me on Twitter as @markedforpower and on Tumblr at addictivestory.tumblr.com. Other things I adore: Cultural diversity. Martial arts. Graphic design. French and Japanese languages. Music! Lots of it, all the time! And dessert (yum!).
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8 Responses to Special Post: Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Gah! I’m a few days behind, but thanks so much! So glad I helped out.:)

  2. Thank you so very much for the nomination. LOL about your skeleton drawing in your grave. Learning to draw is on my list…somewhere.😀

  3. VIKRAM ROY says:

    Thanks and Congrats Margaret!:)

  4. I love your seven things:) Keep up the “addictive” blog!

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